Mold remediation

Stop Mold Growth Before It Starts

Do you smell a musty order in your workspace? Old, fungi, mold and mildew can be floating around in the air you breathe, invisible to the naked eye. Do you know how to reduce them?

Triton is here to help! Our solution specifically targets and neutralizes mold and mildew without harsh chemicals. It can be used in any environment, so no matter where you live – Triton has got your back!

Do you want fresh and safe air to breathe without those pesky molds and mildew lurking around? Do you want to sleep better knowing that the air quality in your surroundings is not harmful to your health? Get yourself Triton for a healthier life!

Don’t wait another day – invest in real peace of mind today with Triton for fast relief from mold and mildew. Guaranteed satisfaction ensures clean air quality all year round.

Our Process:

Have you noticed any areas of decay or rot in your basement or crawl space?

Not only can the presence of rot and decay be unsightly but it can also lead to hazardous distribution of mold and mildew, not to mention compromising the structural integrity of your home.

With our identification and removal service, we can quickly assess your problems and apply lasting solutions that will restore the health, safety, and beauty of your basement or crawl space.

Stop living with problem areas of rot and decay! Contact us today for a free assessment and to get started on improving your space.


Identification & Removal

Eliminating all compromised and decayed areas from your crawlspace or basement.


Eradicate the Infestation

Cleaning your space chemically and thoroughly wiping it down will eliminate all mold growth.


Thorough Cleaning

Our trained professionals will perform a comprehensive cleaning of all ducts, wires, pipes, and all wooden structures.

Triton is the best mold remediation service in New Jersey That Can Effectively Resolve All Your Mold Issues.

Triton Waterproofing specializes in providing solutions to mold issues that can cause health problems in your home. Our team of experts uses the most advanced methods to construct moisture-minimizing solutions in basements and crawl spaces, and our professional remediation services will help eliminate active molds and decay. Get healthier air in your home, thanks to Triton Waterproofing!


It varies from house to house. We have pumps that can pump 2770 gallons per hour up to pumps that can pump 10,000 gallons per hour.

In a bare basement with a 4’ floor, we will typically be able to install approximately 50’ of system per day. This assumes there is no mold remediation or structural repair work needed. However, every home is different and this can vary.

Most people feel they don’t have a wet basement until they’re standing in a puddle of water. There are many signs that water is an issue prior to physically seeing it.

Among them are a white powdery substance on your foundation walls, mold and mildew growth, and cracks in your foundation, bugs peeling paint, dry-rotted wood. There are many other signs as well.

Take advantage of our free inspection and estimate and have one of our trained professionals take a look to diagnose what is specifically going on in your basement.

The sooner you correct the problem the better off you are.

The long-term benefits would include maintaining your property’s value, avoiding costly structural repair or mold remediation work, and having peace of mind among other things.

We offer a lifetime transferable warranty on all waterproofing work that we do.

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